Making Decisions After High-School

Classic questions that are always given to who just finished their year 12:

“What do you want to study in university? What do you want to do after you graduate?”

At the age of 18 years old, most of the people don’t really know what do they want to do with their life. They are contemplating themselves and keep on searching for their true self, searching for the path to their goals.

I mean, yeah, of course, there are people who are ready to grab their goals and know which pathway to go through. Again, but not everyone is like that. I would say I placed myself in the middle of certainty and uncertainty.

Most people encouraged me to take science stream when I was in year 11 and 12. I did not understand Chemistry and Physics and Biology which are the basics of the basics if I want to do science courses. I regret it as soon as I could not do well in year 10 to enter the science class. I thought I will do well in Accounting and Finance or Business stream while going after my bachelor degree if I studied science. However, since I was a kid, I knew I love Business and Economics stream.

Most of the people thought I was one of that student that will do science and do very well in Chem, Physics, and Bio. I proved them wrong. Interest in science stuff is still there, however, I have more interest in Accounting and Finance. Math is another thing that I am very good at. So a combination of Math and Business is Accounting and Finance.

Some exposure before entering university might be good. People will be able to understand things better once they experience it. For instance, those who had a part-time work before university might have a better understanding of how a business works.

With more exposure, I believe, there won’t be those students that transfer to another major or another faculty while they are doing their bachelor degree.

To some extent, university and the industry (companies) should work together hand in hand to provide students with the big picture of what will happen in real life. You know that not always we can apply those theories that we learned at uni to real life project. Theoretically might be right, but again we are dealing with real people. Their interests are different. They came from the various background and have different needs as well. To me, it is somehow ridiculous to know that employers who are willing to hire fresh grads asked these people to have 3-5 years experience in that industry. Again, it will be great if universities are  able to prepare their students to be ready and join the workforce once the students are done with their studies.

It will be great if students who just finished their year 12  are given 6 months time to work before entering uni. Just to make them know what their true interest.

Do what you want, and follow your passion. Knowing your passion while you’re young is great, it will lead you to what you really like. Sharpen your skills, you’ll never know when are you going to need it. But hey, if you don’t know what your passion is, keep on looking! I personally still keep on trying different things and polishing my skills. Writing blog post is one of it.

Following your passion might not always lead you to have a stable financial life. If you really like sleeping, then where it will bring you? Your dreamland. So always bear in mind that you are living your life. Living a life does not mean you cannot enjoy your life, isn’t it?

Though at this stage you think, “umm maybe I am doing a wrong major, it’s not my passion”. Personally, I think whatever you did will teach you something, and that thing is another hidden skill of yours. It might come in handy someday.

Keep on trying to find the right path to go to your end destination. Some paths might not be a straight one, there are some detours you might have to go through. On the way to your destination, you will learn. Learn a lot while you can.♠


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  1. Willie says:

    Wow Nice One…


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