part 2: what do you expect?

An expectation is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case or someone will or could achieve something.

Everyone will have their own expectation towards most of the things in life. We expect our parents to always defend us, even though we’re wrong. We expect our friends to always be there for us in whatever situation. We expect ourselves not being able to do something.

Some of these expectations might hurt you and some others might surprise you.


Too high expectation will disappoint you. For example, you expect yourself to do well in the exam while you never attend lectures and tutorial classes, also never do your revision. That will ruin your confidence in a way once you see the practice exam paper, and definitely disappoint you too.

At some point, that might be good for you to learn that you have got to stay humble. You have to know your capabilities, what you can achieve. Consider it as a warning. Continue reading “part 2: what do you expect?”


part 1: friendship guidelines

Meeting new friends is something that I really like. I would love to be friends with as many people as I can. My preference is to know them personally and make this friendship really special for each and every person. However, that cannot always be the case. There are some people whom you know you are friends with, but may not be able to approach them personally. You’d say he/she is your friend but don’t talk a lot. You met a few times, yet still don’t know what they’re up to.

Some people prefer to have lots of friends (quantity) over having a close relationship with their friends (quality). I fall on the quality side. Knowing each one of them personally, makes me able to cherish the friendship even more.

Even though I am a girl, I don’t mind having guy and girl friends! Having a mix of both will create a good combination. Hey, why do we have to limit our friendship to only a certain gender, again?

Telling other friends that he/she is nice and you are expressing your thoughts mostly is considered dangerous and ambiguous. I learnt that expressing yourself is a good way so the other party will have a good understanding of what you’re thinking of them also how you truly value the friendship. However, the idea of expressing it to the opposite gender seems wrong in the society. Some of them think of it as a confession, whereas others – like me – only take it as a compliment.


To me, a compliment is something that will make me keep on striving for the best.

To keep the best version of myself.

To keep on improving,

and to show others how I actually value the relationship.

Expressing and showing that you like being friends with them is not wrong. Telling them how nice they are as a person is not hurtful or dangerous. It’s like telling your family or loved ones that you really love them and cherish them in your life. Sounds so cheesy but that’s the truth, man. If you never show them your feelings and thoughts, then how are they going to understand you? No one can read your mind!!

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My family is my shelter in whatever condition. Ever since I finished high school until now, I have been away from them for quite so long. Other than that, I spent most of my time with them. Yeah, I still do spend at least a third every single year with them physically. Almost every day we talk on the phone or through video calls to catch up and also share what’s going on with our lives.

Like other normal families, we sometimes argue a bit but always, in the end, you know that they are my number one support. Always be there when I need them. I wish I can teleport and be wherever I wanted to. You know that your family’s love is always there and they will keep on rooting for you, no matter what!

The first semester in Australia for my uni degree, it was a hard time. With no family here, no one close enough to console me every time and hang out, you know that feeling. Lonely and I tended to spend my time alone. Continue reading “Families”

Am I Happy, Though?

My mentor shared The Oatmeal Comic about happiness. It is one of the crucial topics that people keep on talking about, other than a relationship. To me, happiness is about fulfilling my passion, my dreams, and also do what I love to do.

Happiness can be found everywhere. It is as simple as being able to catch the right bus to work, eating your lunch while you’re hungry, or to have some sleep while you have a very long day. It is also can be as simple as watching other people smiling or laughing.

I find my happiness in things that I do. I love to sing (not a pro singer but still trying to keep on improving). When I see my friends sing, I feel so grateful to be able to enjoy it. I like to listen to music, and I feel calmer after fighting with myself in my own thoughts.

Happiness is not always black and white. From the comic that I shared above, I realise that everyone is having their own standard of happiness. Some of them will be happy if they receive a good morning message from loved ones when they just woke up. Others will be happy after they win a game. Happiness is always different from one person to another.

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Having 2 Jobs? Why Not!

maxresdefaultAs someone who is just recently graduated, working is another step that I need to do. Personally, with my background, I have grown up in an environment which everything is in fast paced and most of the people work long hours. Despite the inefficiency, those people really work quite long hours.

Ideally, after we graduate we can get a full-time position in an established company where you can spend your twenties learning while also applying what you have studied. However, in my world, it does not happen like that. Maybe not instantly.

Applying for jobs can be discouraging. For every single application, I spend around 1-2 hours (at least!) to prepare the cover letter, do my research about the company, re-read my application again before sending it.

The recruiter usually takes around few days to two weeks to get back to you and inform you if you pass the screening stage and can move forward to the interview stage. However, most of my application were rejected.

Every single rejection becomes something that makes me want to give up. More and even more. My principle then becomes like this: if I can get a part-time job, surely I will be able to prove myself and get recognise by my employer. The hard work  will be paid off once the employer value your work and you never know if someday they offer you a chance to work full-time there.

Doing a part-time work also helps you to learn and get some exposure. Yeah, it might not as real as doing a full-time job. However, you can learn a lot if you are willing to! ♥

I am the type of person of are keen and always keen to try different new kinds of stuff. The more I am exposed to unique work, responsibilities, and targets, I am driven to do more and more. Self-improvement is something that I always interested in. Almost everyone wants to do better and also improve themselves, don’t they? Continue reading “Having 2 Jobs? Why Not!”