Having 2 Jobs? Why Not!

maxresdefaultAs someone who is just recently graduated, working is another step that I need to do. Personally, with my background, I have grown up in an environment which everything is in fast paced and most of the people work long hours. Despite the inefficiency, those people really work quite long hours.

Ideally, after we graduate we can get a full-time position in an established company where you can spend your twenties learning while also applying what you have studied. However, in my world, it does not happen like that. Maybe not instantly.

Applying for jobs can be discouraging. For every single application, I spend around 1-2 hours (at least!) to prepare the cover letter, do my research about the company, re-read my application again before sending it.

The recruiter usually takes around few days to two weeks to get back to you and inform you if you pass the screening stage and can move forward to the interview stage. However, most of my application were rejected.

Every single rejection becomes something that makes me want to give up. More and even more. My principle then becomes like this: if I can get a part-time job, surely I will be able to prove myself and get recognise by my employer. The hard work  will be paid off once the employer value your work and you never know if someday they offer you a chance to work full-time there.

Doing a part-time work also helps you to learn and get some exposure. Yeah, it might not as real as doing a full-time job. However, you can learn a lot if you are willing to! ♥

I am the type of person of are keen and always keen to try different new kinds of stuff. The more I am exposed to unique work, responsibilities, and targets, I am driven to do more and more. Self-improvement is something that I always interested in. Almost everyone wants to do better and also improve themselves, don’t they?

I am one of them. In any many ways, if I can improve myself and become a better self, I will try to do it. Might not like it at first, but hey! if it is for my own good then why not trying? I fancy people who love sports. Until high-school, I still did different kinds of sports. Not good at those but at least I know how! Entering college means to do more serious stuff. Fewer games, and spend more time in studying. I need to get into a university!

In university, I need to move to another unfamiliar place, culture, people. Two and a half years ago, I was a person who was always be surrounded by my family and friends. It was a difficult time for me to move to an unfamiliar place without my family to guide me. I got culture shock, as well as it was hard to make friends, especially if you come from different background. Just hard to adjust.

Within 2.5 years, lots of things changed. I told myself to open up a bit more to other people and to strangers, so I will feel less awkward. I tried my best to keep on challenging myself to do different things I haven’t tried before. From dying my hair to spending hours in talking to my friends using English – English is not my first language.

I preferred to not talk to strangers, however with the volunteering activities that I have done and am still doing it, I need to blend it. I am getting better and people receive me better than before. It is all a learning process. Challenge yourself and have the willingness to improve and change. Only by that, you can change.

Moving back to the jobs. The title of this post is saying that having 2 jobs is possible and also fine! Why is that? While doing my part-time job for a company, I tutor people. The feeling when your student/mentee understand what you’re talking about and that can help them with their studies is somewhat interesting. To me, it is a personal achievement though I don’t do their assignment or do their test. Currently, when this writing is posted, I am doing 2 part-time jobs. The first one is being a consultant in one of the education company, while also applying my knowledge to help others to finish their study as a tutor, or even help them to find their passion!

I work long hours, some of my friends said: don’t overwork yourself. You’re in your twenties, it is time for you to enjoy your life. You have a very good attitude and you invest a lot of your time in working while also learning as much as you can. I adore you for that, but remember to also enjoy your life.

Working two jobs is my decision. I decided to work more, not only because I need to survive, but also I like the idea that I can do something useful for others and myself too! I love to make other people’s life easier, to make them feel that life is good. I love to make people happy and make them feel they can achieve something greater than what they thought of.

I spend my weekends doing the things that I really like. As simple as swimming with friends, catch up, or even to hibernate. Other weekends I can go travelling to nearby places of interest, or even attend a music concert. Maybe I will have less sleep, but I am happy that I have two jobs, while also having a balance in my social life.

What I am trying to say in this post is, if you are willing to learn, willing to sacrifice your time a bit more, you can achieve something greater than what you think. Prove people wrong if they think you cannot do anything productive. Working two jobs is not easy, but the achievement will drive you to keep on improving yourself while also do better things.

With this also you will know your priorities. In your twenties, especially if you are not married yet, enjoy your life to the fullest! Do what you have been wanting to do it since you were a kid. Achieve that dreams and goals. Find your purpose in this life. I am not against  a relationship. Having someone you like is a great feeling, but also keep the career in mind. Have a balance of both.

Learn from your past experiences and mistakes.

Moving forward to a better life.

Build a better self.

Always remember to have that balance.

Keep on making yourself and others happy and feel appreciated.


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