Am I Happy, Though?

My mentor shared The Oatmeal Comic about happiness. It is one of the crucial topics that people keep on talking about, other than a relationship. To me, happiness is about fulfilling my passion, my dreams, and also do what I love to do.

Happiness can be found everywhere. It is as simple as being able to catch the right bus to work, eating your lunch while you’re hungry, or to have some sleep while you have a very long day. It is also can be as simple as watching other people smiling or laughing.

I find my happiness in things that I do. I love to sing (not a pro singer but still trying to keep on improving). When I see my friends sing, I feel so grateful to be able to enjoy it. I like to listen to music, and I feel calmer after fighting with myself in my own thoughts.

Happiness is not always black and white. From the comic that I shared above, I realise that everyone is having their own standard of happiness. Some of them will be happy if they receive a good morning message from loved ones when they just woke up. Others will be happy after they win a game. Happiness is always different from one person to another.

Being not happy does not always mean I am not happy. Maybe I just did not do or feel anything special. Maybe the thing I did was only general stuff like washing dishes. Your standard of happiness cannot always be applied to other people. They will find their own way to happiness.

What they love to do will somewhat make them happy, that’s what I think. You also cannot force others to be happy with what you’re doing.

There is one thing about happiness that I learnt. Happiness is about me. You can try your best to please others, but always do what makes you happy before you make others happy. Also, you cannot please everyone. Some part of the society will appreciate and enjoy your work, but the other part might dislike it. It is normal.

Do what makes you happy and forget about those judgments from others. Critics towards your work might help you to improve, also might also destroy you. Think smartly.

Define your own happiness and keep those smile on your face and that feeling in your heart. It truly is the best feeling ever!mimieunice_56


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