My family is my shelter in whatever condition. Ever since I finished high school until now, I have been away from them for quite so long. Other than that, I spent most of my time with them. Yeah, I still do spend at least a third every single year with them physically. Almost every day we talk on the phone or through video calls to catch up and also share what’s going on with our lives.

Like other normal families, we sometimes argue a bit but always, in the end, you know that they are my number one support. Always be there when I need them. I wish I can teleport and be wherever I wanted to. You know that your family’s love is always there and they will keep on rooting for you, no matter what!

The first semester in Australia for my uni degree, it was a hard time. With no family here, no one close enough to console me every time and hang out, you know that feeling. Lonely and I tended to spend my time alone.

Wondering about my personality? I am about equally introverted and extroverted. It really depends on what situation I’m in and also my mood. If I’m comfortable with the people in that group, I will be so bubbly and also do silly stuff. If people in that group are not close to me and we hold different values, I prefer to keep everything to myself, not to say anything. It takes the time to get to know people, and observation is the key move.

I am better with a one-on-one conversation rather than a big group conversation. I love knowing what are people’s interests, what they are studying or doing. Any recent interesting activities will make a great topic. I like to keep the conversation going. Knowing people personally will make a greater relationship.

Talking to others and open up means you are learning something from that person. Which from my perspective, it is great. You will learn a lot from them and maybe in the future, you might be able to avoid making the same mistakes.

Currently, with my involvement in one of the local choir group, I am proud to call them my second family. All of us came from different background, different perspectives, different goals, and targets, yet all of us love to sing. We like to spend time together though just to have dinner and catch up with each other’s life. Not everyone has opened up yet about their personal life, and some might find it challenging to blend in as we came from the multicultural background, but we are slowly getting closer and closer.

I really enjoy my time whenever I’m surrounded by them. Time flies by so fast whenever we’re together. Especially when we’re singing. As this group is a choir group at uni, people come and go. Most of us are still students, some other already graduated and we still stay there. Being graduated does not mean you cannot hang out with us.

I feel the happiest when I’m with my families, both my real family and my second family. I love seeing people grow, and it makes my heart melt every time I realise we have grown together through different events in our life.

No one is perfect. Imperfections and great combination make a great combo. My key strength might be other’s weakness and therefore, altogether I believe we can make the imperfection perfect.

I truly am hoping that I will be able to spend more time with these people, grow together, support one another, and keep on singing to praise God’s name.


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