Keep Exploring Till You Find It!

Exploring is one key to be successful in life, well that’s my opinion. When you explore, you will discover a lot of new things that happen in life. I am trying my best not to limit myself in learning and exploring new stuff. Usually, when I discover a new restaurant, I prefer to pick the menu that I have not tried, unless if that day I miss eating specific food!

Another example can also be an unplanned adventure. Sometimes I am planning to go somewhere yet got lost but still follow the road and just enjoying my surroundings. Observing is also another form. When taking some time off just to see what others are doing or how it works, you will find yourself wandering in your thoughts thinking how that can happen, or what kind of person is he/she.

Sometimes people ask me, what do I want to do in my life? What’s my career goal? What are the things that I am good at?

Up till now, I know the thing that I very good is those related to Accounting and Finance like bookkeeping, evaluating a project, consolidation of the group transaction, managing the inventory, how raw material should be used in a production, etc. Whilst also being good at business management, I am challenged to do some strategic thinking, for example, to see how the business can spread their wings, maybe to penetrate the market, or even to make strategic movements to keep their sustainability in the industry. Continue reading “Keep Exploring Till You Find It!”



Lately, I have some more time to catch up with close friends and by spending some time with them really helps me to get to see things from others’ perspective. I learned new things. Gratitude is one of it.

I am amazed at how people can be so positive in seeing things, in assessing their life. Even from a very bad event, still, a positive point appeared.


Early each year, usually Melbourne has a festival called White Night. In this year is my first time going to the White Night in the City, people gathered and enjoy the performances in every single point in CBD. One of them is a free concert by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO), and it was massive! Thousands of people were there to watch the concert. I went there with some friends and one of them is a Singaporean girl whom I’ve known since last year. Continue reading “Gratitude”

Goodbye is …

People are supposed to meet. Some of the people we have met are still here with us and fill our lives with laughter and sometimes sadness. The rest are nowhere to be found. They are “missing people”. We’re all still friends even though we don’t meet or talk for years.

The status then downgraded from close friends to just friends to just acquaintances.

These missing people usually were closed to us in the past, but now as we parted our ways due to different reasons and circumstances, we are not able to meet them as frequently as before. Continue reading “Goodbye is …”

part 3: Love Languages

A few years back, a friend of mine introduced me to love languages. She could not really explain what Love Languages are, yet over time, I think I understand it better.

If you would like to know more and in detail about what Love Languages are, go to this website: 5 Love Languages

This is my understanding of love languages and this might be very brief. I shall start.

So there are 5 love languages:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch

On the website that I linked above, there is a quiz to find out what is your dominant love language. It is very common to have more than one dominant language. Love language can be used to know the person better, to learn how to treat them better and know how to interact with them. This post is still related to the previous two posts. The links to the previous parts are below!

part 1: friendship guidelines                          part 2: what do you expect?

If you’re taking the quiz, they will ask you whether you’re single or not. If you’re single then it’ll be more self-oriented questions as you don’t have a partner (just yet!) and if you’re not then it will be reflecting of how you treat your partner.

There will be 30 questions, those are the same questions but you will have to choose your preference over the other answer. The highest number of the categories will be your dominant love language.

Love language itself can be used towards others, not only towards girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse, but also can be used towards your parents, siblings, or even to close friends that you hold dear.

So what are they?

Continue reading “part 3: Love Languages”