part 3: Love Languages

A few years back, a friend of mine introduced me to love languages. She could not really explain what Love Languages are, yet over time, I think I understand it better.

If you would like to know more and in detail about what Love Languages are, go to this website: 5 Love Languages

This is my understanding of love languages and this might be very brief. I shall start.

So there are 5 love languages:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch

On the website that I linked above, there is a quiz to find out what is your dominant love language. It is very common to have more than one dominant language. Love language can be used to know the person better, to learn how to treat them better and know how to interact with them. This post is still related to the previous two posts. The links to the previous parts are below!

part 1: friendship guidelines                          part 2: what do you expect?

If you’re taking the quiz, they will ask you whether you’re single or not. If you’re single then it’ll be more self-oriented questions as you don’t have a partner (just yet!) and if you’re not then it will be reflecting of how you treat your partner.

There will be 30 questions, those are the same questions but you will have to choose your preference over the other answer. The highest number of the categories will be your dominant love language.

Love language itself can be used towards others, not only towards girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse, but also can be used towards your parents, siblings, or even to close friends that you hold dear.

So what are they?

Words of Affirmation

it means you really value words, letters, books, or any passage. You are the type of person that inspirational quotes, or just anything that your loved ones sent you in form of words. Might be through cards or even just through online chatting. Their words are encouraging to you which makes you feel at ease and feel someone is there to definitely supports you.

Acts of Service

This one is for someone who likes to be helped out. It does not mean the other person is your assistant hahaha. You like to be treated well – everyone does! – in a sense that you really appreciate the help that you might not be able to handle or do it or don’t like to do it but you have to.

Receiving Gifts

Showing people how you care can be in a form of giving gifts. As simple as giving birthday gifts or it can be for any other occasions. Not only giving gifts, but you really appreciate the gifts given because it has more value to you, compared to other act like for example, words of affirmation.

Quality Time

You like spending time with others. To know them better and feel connected. Spending time is the most important thing to you and therefore you will make time for them to show your appreciation.

Physical Touch

Being hugged when you’re sad or happy will make a greater impact rather than receiving other actions. No word needed yet by just hugging the person, or patting their shoulders while they are sharing their stories, or maybe to hold their hands is how you show them you appreciate and love them.

After taking the quiz, I know myself better and therefore I also want my closed ones to know. For example, my number one love language is physical touch. I love hugging my mom. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, it helps me to feel at ease a lot after I hug my mom. To me, words might not be able to heal me as much as a hug.

People will try their best to comfort you, yet with the suitable love language you will feel a lot better and will appreciate it more.

The other dominant love language of mine is words of affirmation. I used to have words taking the first place with quality time. Yet, as I grow up and I spend most of my time away from my family, I really appreciate the hug from my family the most. We cannot meet that often, unlike other families, but we support one another through words and prayers. Receiving a good morning or reading the jokes in the family group chat comforts me a lot when I know I’m down.

Once you know what is your love language is, it will be easier to know yourself! Treating yourself better means having a better and happier life, that’s what I think 🙂

The purpose of knowing the love language of your loved ones will also help you to show them that you truly care and hold them dear in your life. Start doing the right actions.

Still curious about love languages? You might want to watch the video below!

p.s.  They are my favorite YouTubers. Just a few days after I talked about this to my close friend, they posted a video. Hmm, maybe Wong Fu Productions can read my mind?! (it happened twice or maybe three times already hahaha).


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