Goodbye is …

People are supposed to meet. Some of the people we have met are still here with us and fill our lives with laughter and sometimes sadness. The rest are nowhere to be found. They are “missing people”. We’re all still friends even though we don’t meet or talk for years.

The status then downgraded from close friends to just friends to just acquaintances.

These missing people usually were closed to us in the past, but now as we parted our ways due to different reasons and circumstances, we are not able to meet them as frequently as before.

Most of the times, because not able to meet them often we don’t have any more common things to talk about, to share. We are living in different places, different region, different countries, and even different time zones. Sometimes it is hard to even make time to talk. It might be morning in your place but still the evening in the other person’s place.

With less topic to share about, it grows people apart. Emotionally they are less attached than before. And that’s why I hate goodbyes. I don’t like parting ways.

Most of the time I wish I have capabilities to clone myself; to travel through time; to do teleportation.

I hate goodbyes the most. It breaks my heart every single time. I always want to spend time with those people. I want them to take part in my life, to give impact.

It is possible that even though you’re living in the different region, you are able to communicate or to share your dreams and experiences with them.

It’s just … hard and it requires extra effort.

With this requirement, most people give up. They don’t think it is worth it anymore. They think of leaving the past behind, while it is not actually your past. By letting them to still involve in your life means they are living in your present time as well.

I wish we don’t have to experience any goodbyes. That’s not possible, I know.

We definitely can do something better to keep the friendship if we want to try and put an effort.


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