Lately, I have some more time to catch up with close friends and by spending some time with them really helps me to get to see things from others’ perspective. I learned new things. Gratitude is one of it.

I am amazed at how people can be so positive in seeing things, in assessing their life. Even from a very bad event, still, a positive point appeared.


Early each year, usually Melbourne has a festival called White Night. In this year is my first time going to the White Night in the City, people gathered and enjoy the performances in every single point in CBD. One of them is a free concert by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO), and it was massive! Thousands of people were there to watch the concert. I went there with some friends and one of them is a Singaporean girl whom I’ve known since last year.

We weren’t close at that time. So it was kind of my first time hanging out with her properly and before the concert started, we had this little conversation about seeing life from a different perspective, from a more positive view. She introduced me to a concept called 5 things of gratitude.

It is a journal that you have to write every single day and state 5 things that make you grateful that day. Ever since making that entry last year, her life has changed a lot therefore, she suggested me to do the same thing too.

showing-gratitude-quoteThe five things written in your journal does not need to be big, yet you have to truly be grateful on that. For example, you have a meeting with your colleague and that day the weather forecast was supposed to be raining and it did not so you were able to make it on time with no hassle. It is that simple and powerful at the same time.

My schedule at the time was not busy at all. I used to be able to just stay in my house for the day without even stepping outside my front door to go to the yard and breathe the fresh air – it was that not excited. I managed to make around 15 days straight but was struggling so hard to fulfill the task and eventually I stopped until now.

Later on this year, I am more active and I see how getting involve in a lot of other activities really build me as a person. In addition to being able to meet a lot of people, you can also unlock or even sharpen your skills.

Gratitude is about being thankful of what you have received. Maybe as simple as being able to talk to your parents/siblings. Able to eat your lunch and dinner when you’re hungry, or able to catch the train on time.


Meeting your role model or idol even though for a short while might also be one thing that you can be grateful for. Another example would be having time to catch up with some close old friends. Most of the times we only take those opportunities for granted, as if we will definitely have a lot more chances to meet them. You’ll never know what will happen in the next hour. Always be grateful and value the chances given, even though it is small.

Come to or go from someone’s life is very usual. Most of the time is because you have to part your ways to reach your goals. Sad while parting ways is only natural. Sadness can also be considered as a form of appreciation. It means that you have had a very good time with that person and really earned that happiness then. With this form of appreciation, it also means that you value that relationship a lot. Appreciation means you are somewhat grateful to know that person. He/she might have made an impact in your life, gave you an idea that you might never think of.

Appreciate the moment and the happiness are also another form of gratitude to me. It means I really value that moment, and I am grateful for that to happen, therefore when I know that I most likely will not be able to feel that again, I feel disappointed and sad.

Feels like we have not thanked people enough. We might not have expressed our thoughts by saying sorry, please, and thanks. Now this is the time for us to say thanks even more. Thanks for the nice weather, for being able to start a new day, for having friends, to get a challenge that we haven’t encounter, or even thankful that we can still feel the hunger it means we are living a normal life.

Gratitude does not have to be big, it can be simple and small yet you mean it. What are you grateful for, today?


Infographic above is taken from here 🙂

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