Keep Exploring Till You Find It!

Exploring is one key to be successful in life, well that’s my opinion. When you explore, you will discover a lot of new things that happen in life. I am trying my best not to limit myself in learning and exploring new stuff. Usually, when I discover a new restaurant, I prefer to pick the menu that I have not tried, unless if that day I miss eating specific food!

Another example can also be an unplanned adventure. Sometimes I am planning to go somewhere yet got lost but still follow the road and just enjoying my surroundings. Observing is also another form. When taking some time off just to see what others are doing or how it works, you will find yourself wandering in your thoughts thinking how that can happen, or what kind of person is he/she.

Sometimes people ask me, what do I want to do in my life? What’s my career goal? What are the things that I am good at?

Up till now, I know the thing that I very good is those related to Accounting and Finance like bookkeeping, evaluating a project, consolidation of the group transaction, managing the inventory, how raw material should be used in a production, etc. Whilst also being good at business management, I am challenged to do some strategic thinking, for example, to see how the business can spread their wings, maybe to penetrate the market, or even to make strategic movements to keep their sustainability in the industry.

Some of my friends I know took the major that they don’t want to take actually, but they know what they are studying is going to be important and will come in handy next time in the future. Most of the people still don’t know what they want to do once they graduate even though they have earned their degree.

I think it is normal and it is not something weird. Heaps of people are not doing or getting the job that they studied before and do other stuff that of their interest. These type of people usually are the adventurous ones. They are curious about a lot of things. Would like to try different stuff and make their own version for example. Trying something new every day will make you get more knowledge. Maybe you are not as good at that thing, but by trying different stuff I think it will give you an idea of that thing works. Knowing the foundation may give you a better understanding of what your interests are and then you will be able to decide what you want to do in your life.

Who said by trying different things you won’t be able to master something in particular? They are wrong. The education system in South East Asia is more like you need to follow the curriculum which is to do a lot of different things there. If you are taking the science class, then definitely you need to do Chem, Bio, Physics, and core subjects like English, Math, and other subjects like learning your mother language, arts, IT, etc. So we need to be good at those which is not impossible, I think.

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Life is an experiment. Some people prefer to just stay in their comfort zone and live the life they know. Some others – like me – prefer to keep on experimenting. I want to try different things, experience it. Doing is believing. Experiments will enrich my experiences, and it means I will have a good knowledge and will be able to share my stories with others.

Having a broad knowledge means you might be able to adapt faster to various situations.

Therefore, I would like to explore as much as I can. Exploration will make me find what are the things that I truly want even though I already have my own goals. With heaps of experiments, I think we can achieve a lot more. So keep on exploring, keep on experimenting, try to walk out of your comfort zone, and achieve more! Keep on striving!


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