Hair Dyeing For Professionals?

When I was at university, I attended quite a few seminars on how to dress up professionally, to do interviews and how to make your cover letter. One of the popular topics they presented is about how you have to do your hair. For women usually, they don’t really talk much. Most women know what to do with their hair, make a bun, ponytail, and the most important thing is to make yourself look presentable and really reflect who you are as a professional.

Not only women that have various hairstyles, guys do too. Some of them asked if they need to shave their beard or not, it is up to you. If your beard makes you look like you’re not taking a good care of yourself then sure maybe you need to trim it.

Another question: does it affect the decision you are hired or not, if you dye your hair?

In some industries – well I am talking about those industries that are not related to how fashionable you have to be like modelling, hairstylist, arts, design, etc – you have to really be careful in choosing your colour if you really want to dye it.

Apart from the arts industries, the rest would prefer you to have neutral hair colour: black, brown, red, and blonde. The ombre trend is one of the top styles that professionals can still afford while working. It still makes them look presentable, I think. Take into account that the combination for ombre usually just a lighter colour of their natural hair.

Then what about people like me that like some pretty unusual colours like platinum blonde/silver, purple, and dark blue? Oh well, sometimes people can still accept it. However, those colours are seen to be the colours that are not suitable for professional, unless again you’re working in the arts industry.

Some colours can be classified as unacceptable colours for professionals to dye their hair. I personally think if it is to highlight the hair then it should be fine, as long as they don’t dye the full head. Why is that? Because these colours are considered to be “too cheerful and will not make you look professional enough”.

If dyeing your hair is a form of self-expression, then sure please dye it! I know that can also boost up your confidence, and a higher confidence will make you more productive and achieve more.

Keep in mind of what industry that you’re working at. Knowing their requirements such as to avoid those bright colours and to wear business attire will land you to the right role, I believe!

A tip if you’re really into hair dyeing, you might want to use coloured hair chalk or coloured hair spray so you still are able to look trendy as who you truly are while also having a great job to expand your career.

Create the image that you want others to see when they think of you.


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