In Need of Mentors

I am always looking for a mentor. As I studied business, people will tend to think that I am looking for a business mentor. That would be ideal, however, I would like to learn from others as much as I can, and it is not limited to the business studies.

One year ago, I was part of the committee where we were organising an international business forum and a number of professionals attended the forum to gave insights. From all those speakers, I met one of the speakers who is still quite young when I went out to help one of the participants at the front desk.

He was involved in a lot of projects, and I believe he still is. A very bright person and friendly one. He said, only a few people are able to talk to him and he loves the idea of mentorship because it means he can give impact to others too. We had another meeting after the first day we talked and he tried to follow-up even after I graduated. I wish he could mentor me for not that short period but see me growing as a successful person later on. After he earned his second master degree from Melbourne University, he went back to Singapore and is working there.

Later in 2015, the end of my degree was approaching and like others too, I was scared of what will happen to me after I graduate. It seems like there is no certain path that I can take, there are too many dreams and goals that I would like to achieve and I don’t know where to start. In the community that I am heavily involved in, I met some seniors who are a few years older than me.

They have passed through the same situation before and now everything is okay. I told them I did not know what I should do next yet I know what my goals are. They said I have too many goals in which I need to make priority lists. Definitely. I will be able to achieve those if I put my heart and mind onto those projects. I really need to focus.

These seniors are not only friends to me, they also are guiding me through all the obstacles. They always tell me that I know exactly what I want to do and all I need to do is to put it into an application. Don’t be afraid to step forward and execute my plan.

IF and only if I am taking a wrong action or strategy, I will definitely find another solution to my challenges. Perseverance and good planning on top of a strong will power and self-discipline will bring me closer to mastering different skills and being involved in a lot of exciting projects.

Support from a family is another important factor. Not only they will support you even at your lowest point, they can also become very good mentors. You can observe what they are doing when they position themselves in our shoes.

Hence, everyone can be your mentor. Some of them will stay by your side for a longer period while for some of them you might only meet them once or twice. Learn as much as you can and try to appreciate every opportunity given.


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