Perform Better After Regular Workout

Young kids are encouraged to play and run and explore while they are young as part of the learning process. By doing, you will remember things better than just to read the theory. Experiments are always fun! Only after you make mistake, you will understand why it was wrong and when encounter the same problem or case you will definitely do better.

In most of the schools, sports is one of the keys and most of the schools will compete in the different sports category. When I was still in primary school, my physical education mark is one of the highest. That stayed until secondary school. I love sports even though I might not be the sportiest person in the school.

I used to spend at least 3.5 hours per week for sports and in 2010-2012 I cycled a lot during the weekends and each trip I usually go for 20km distance. I reduced my sports time when I was in year 12 for final exam preparation as well as uni entrance prep so it was limited to 90 minutes per week, maximum.

Ever since then, I became very lazy to do sports and it became worst after I entered college as I was trying to do my best to get high marks to get into Monash University to do my commerce degree.

I personally like food hunting and with me not doing any sports my body could not take it and I spent a lot of my time resting and read a lot of different pieces of stuff as the after effect of the food intake is greater than workout portion. One time when I went back home, I checked blood pressure for the first time after few months and apparently it was pretty bad and therefore, I put my mind into getting a healthier lifestyle.

Moving back to 2011, I almost drown in a swimming class held at my school and I thought swimming is not my ace skill and would not like to do it anymore. Later in 2015, I learned to swim again with the help of friends and make it as my routine. I have surpassed my traumatic issue and I swim almost every week to de-stress myself.


Fast forward to 2016, I met another new friend and he is a workout freak. There was a time when I need to meet him early in the morning before work for four days to jog and do some simple exercises like sit up. Jogging is not my thing (and still not) but I am getting better. In the first meeting, I could not even finish 1.5 rounds of the football field at the sports centre with a combination of jogging and walking. Am getting better now and every day after work, I usually take a detour and walk around the area to get some sunlight as well as increasing the number of steps of the day.

With these regular exercises, I have got some changes. My body clock is somewhat reset to the normal time, I can control my food intake better, my perspective has become more positive compared to two years ago when I did not do any sport, and most importantly things are easily understood and it stays in my memory for longer time.

Just after starting this routine, I read an article from TIME  on how exercise can benefit you. It motivates me to do better and now I am able to walk and jog the total of 5 times at the football field. Another achievement unlocked.

How can we perform better after regular exercises? I found an  explanation from Business Insider.

Therefore, with a better and regular exercise plan, I believe we all can perform better in life and work in which will give us a better result. It will also create a life balance!

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


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