Music Is The Key

Recently I watched La La Land and it took my heart away with their music, romance, and comedy scenes in the film. It’s been quite a while since the last time I watched a musical movie in a theatre. To me La La Land brought a fresh concept, not many people love Jazz music yet the whole film is all Jazz related!


It is pretty hard to really grasp the message they are trying to say, I personally think so. However, some of the things I can understand are:

  1. You cannot force people to like what you love and sometimes even you need to make some improvisation to mix what you like and what people like, and you might produce a great piece of work!
  2. Also, we are taught to be persistent and have the perseverance to reach our dream. Again sometimes, you cannot really get exactly what you have dreamed of but it is a window of opportunity to reach your actual dream, your actual
  3. In order to earn something you’ve always wanted, some sacrifices usually are needed. For example, if I really want to a be a good designer then I have to spend a lot of time to design, to practice and seek the inspiration to create creative work – it means I might not be able to spend as much time with family and friends. In La La Land, Sebastian wanted to open his own Jazz Bar where people can hang out and enjoy Jazz music. He did not have the resources and he also wanted to win the heart of Mia’s parents. Therefore, he got to have a steady income, though it means not doing what he truly likes.
  4. Never give up! Mia and Seb were rejected and failed numerous times, yet in the end, because they were persisted they earn what they deserve.

Great lighting in the movie and all cinematography in La La Land are the things that make the movie so special and time really flew by when watching the film. I somehow feel like La La Land has a little bit similarity as Whiplash and they are all still about music.

May sound so classic but it is true that music can bring people together, it is a universal language even if you don’t really understand the lyric. By only listening to the melody, you get to know if it’s a funny one, or sad, or happy, or it’s having a theme of patriotism.

Music can bring people together, to enjoy it, to escape from our crowded life and to accompany us while doing our work.

When I was a kid, my grandpa forced me to learn how to play the piano. I started to learn to play classical songs but a few years later, I gave up and play an electone instead. To me, it is more fun than a piano. It’s like you’re in a band but you handle everything and make a lively music by yourself! Up till now I still play electone (but not much anymore!) and it makes me a lot better when I am having bad days.

Currently, I am involved in a music ministry in the local community. I used to be music director in 2016 and am ready to pass the baton to other potential leaders! I know there are more talented people and their music instinct is better than mine, I suppose 🙂

And the biggest question is, why music ministry? Why it must be music?

Because through music, I believe it is possible to reach out to others, to listen what they’re trying to say, to feel and understand what’s the story behind the lyrics. Through music as well, they will be able to see my passion.

I wish I am able to bring more happiness and to touch others’ heart through music.

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