You did not misread the title. Well, not everyone should really say that you MUST do something specific, especially if you’re not willing to do so. Yes for some occasions and some cases – for example when you are sick – then you have to follow the rules.

Originally rules were created to put everything in place, to give guidelines. Some rules are too strict and it will not let you to freely move. It created the boundaries of what you must do and what you actually could do. And because of these boundaries too, you might not be able to see your actual potential and therefore, it will be hard for you to climb the invisible ladder to move on to the next step.

Most of the kids were told that they got to be somebody their parents wanted. To make it simple, I still remember a story of my friend (let’s call her A), when she was in year 8 her mum required her to always follow this one girl (B) in our school, just because B was a smarter and an extroverted one.

Well, since that time A hated B so much, I think up till now. It all started just because her mum expected her to act the same way as B. Every single one person is unique with their own strengths and flaws, and that what makes them special isn’t it?

True sometimes we have to push ourselves so we can grow and develop a good personality and strong mentality but remember don’t be too hard to yourself. You might unconsciously hurt yourself and that might also destroy your self-esteem, that’s not good.

These people who you think “have more” than you do, should only be an example to motivate you to become a better person to work on what you’re lacking. The more you’re trying to be like them, you won’t be happy.

It is their strengths and weaknesses that make them who they are today. You will never go through the same situations and obstacles, you’re all in different shoes anyway. She/he will not be able to read your mind and completely hundred percent understand what you’re thinking about and why did you make those decisions for example. So don’t compare yourself to others. That way you will be happier as well.

Earlier this year, a colleague shared a story about his family. His kids are in secondary school and he said, “uh well every child is different and you cannot treat them the exact same way though you love them equally.”

I strongly agree to that! Some need more care than the others, and some will understand what you meant just like that though you did not say a word.

Don’t be intimidated! You are who you are, unique and special in different ways and again look up to yourself and see what you can do next. If you think you are worthless, then I recommend you to watch the video below. Hope it’ll open up your eyes.


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