Observation vs Reality


As a person, I am someone who prefers to observe the situation first before making any move. Ever since I was a kid, before I decided to be friends with anyone, I will keep an eye on that particular human being and see what sparks my interest. If after going throughmagnifying-glass-203x300 all my judgment, he/she is not a harmful person, then why not be friends.

You know not everyone could be friends with every single person they have met, and I am one of them. Let’s say when I’m filtering your attitude and manner and actions then I find out that you did something that I don’t particularly agree with, then I will take a step back to re-evaluate what have happened. If you are doing something that could turn over the table, then let’s talk so I will be able to know you better!

Sounds so weird, geeky and very judgmental? Ah well, that’s your own judgment and conclusion. To me, that’s just because I am trying to be careful and to protect myself from harmful pieces of stuff.

Alrighty-o so why do I want to talk about observation?

Sometimes being observant could help you in some ways but also could also destroy you. Especially if your mind cannot stop the thinking process. Inside my head, there are hundreds, thousands or even millions of things that are going on. I could jump from one problem to the other.

Through my observation too usually I create my own theory and try to understand “the riddle”. Also by observing, sometimes I could discover something that people could not figure out. I was able to guess two of my friends’ birthday because I observed.

However, not always my observation could bring me to the right conclusion.


Just recently I thought this particular girl likes the guy that has been everyone’s favorite. She kept on wanting to spend the time with this guy and also kept on asking whereabouts he was if he could not be around to hang out. They were also sitting together, like only 5 cm apart sooooo…. naturally I thought they were dating or something.

It turns out that… *drumroll* she actually likes another guy.

So yeah sometimes, by just observing it’s still not enough to discover the fact. To get a solid fact, we should combine our observation and also the actual reality. Maybe that’s also why those researchers cannot draw a conclusion just because they have observed. Some strong evidence is also required to get to the right end!

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