A Man Of His Word

Nope, I’m not talking about the book series by Dave Duncan – I haven’t read the books myself. This is something that I really find it interesting and the value that I hold since I was young.

My grandpa was a strict man. I lived together with him since I was born until I moved to Australia to pursue my bachelor degree and he went back to heaven.

Anywayyy, my grandpa taught me to always follow the rules. One of the rules is to always keep my word. Don’t give empty promises. If I promise to come to a meeting then I will come on time. I rarely take things for granted so when I was younger I had a lot of disappointment because I trusted people’s word. I thought if they promised that they will come or to do something, they will do. In the adult world apparently, it acceptable to miss the deadline or to give away empty promises. The answers of an invitation could only just because it is a courtesy for you to answer the question now so just he/she won’t bother you with another question or nag then ask you to come.


That’s maybe an easy way out but hey you cannot treat everyone like that always. People have their own limit and by keeping on repeating what you’re not supposed to do will create a certain image – not a good one I would say.

I have been dealing with lotsa friends that said he/she will come to have dinner together told us to lock the date but just a couple of days before the meeting, he/she will suddenly disappear without saying anything. That’s annoying. I might be able to do something better or to make an appointment with another person instead or even to have some rest. Why bail out at the last-minute?

It is okay if you can give me a solid reason like you’re sick and cannot come or you are actually not done with your work and the deadline is tonight or approaching soon. Hey, I also make the effort to clear my schedule and be there on time, to fulfill my promise. It is a commitment that I have made and therefore I am here. Are you actually managing your time wisely? Maybe try to learn how to do a better time management?

If you are one of the guys, take this as a time to reflect on what you have done. Ask yourself some questions:

Do I actually appreciate this person? If I do, I should treat his/her time as a precious one.

Do I want to make an effort? If not, then I should not give empty promises.

You know, time is precious. If the other party has already made the time to meet you, then you should value their time and your meeting. Make it memorable and valuable. Do appreciate others and don’t take others for granted.


Your friend might not be a celebrity or someone famous but it does not mean he/she is not important. Everyone is important and everyone is the main lead of their own life story.

Also try not to contradict yourself, if you promise to come but you cannot then do give reasons. If it’s only because you are lazy then learn not to give promises at the first place.

I guess from this we can learn to appreciate others more! 🙂

Actions speak louder than words.



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