How Hard Is It For You To Understand?


Been working as an academic is great. I am able to meet a lot of new people, have more opportunities to explore and to learn about human behavior and also to keep up with the current trend.

However, sometimes I still don’t get what’s on their head. How people actually function. Do they use their logic more or feelings more? Do they also put their ego over other people? Why are you so selfish?

It’s not me trying to complain but here I am to understand and to tell what I do think about it. As an academic, sometimes I do get an email from a student who needs clarification of a material which is normal and here what I’m for. Also, some others asked me to put them into a group for group assignments and all. They demand the reply straightaway as if they’re texting their mates. In the working life, if you are lucky and if the other person is able to make a reply, you can expect to get your answer within the next 24 hours or the next working days.


What I meant by working days is normal working days which is Monday-Friday up to 5/6pm. Don’t expect us to reply you within the next hour if you emailed us at 8pm on Friday night. Well, academics are human too. We have our own personal life. Yes, we are meant to take care of our students but do you actually realise that we also have other commitments and have other things that we need to look after too?

In my other job, I have also met someone who came to the office and made a fuss by saying that the way we handle our customer is unprofessional in which the customer after that gave us a lot of compliments by saying they have received a great service. So basically this person was asking for a refund and to put the refund amount in the bank account. According to the terms and agreement listed on the invoice, it was stated that one must wait for four (4) working days to receive the fund. It was done on Friday and the complaint was made on Monday which you know it can only be considered as one working day. The one who made a fuss was someone who already understood the situation as well as the terms and yet still demanded to get the solution at that particular time. How hard is it for you to understand that you cannot receive the fund until the next three working days?

Not in every single sector, you can get what you want instantly. Even buying from eBay you gotta wait until they deliver it to you or you pick it up. For instance, if you’re hungry you might wanna go to McDonald’s to grab something to eat but can you get it within that same second when you do the order?


Rules were created to give some guidelines, to give some ideas of how things gonna work. To also avoid complicated problems and even sometimes to give flexibilities too. Not to deny that rules can be too rigid and too annoying but hey rules were created to put things in a better sequence isn’t it?


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