Exactly one year ago, I started my writing journey at WordPress. Long before that, I was wanting to make my own blog. No purpose, no goals, did not know what to write but to give a bit of inspiration to other people. Choosing Speak Up My Opinion theme because I have been wanting to make a platform where I can really speak up about what I think.

Here’s a storyline. Puzzle pieces about what I think.

I have a student-turn-to-friend that I have been helping with in the past 1 year or so. She was struggling with her uni subjects. Sometimes she just need some deeper explanation, and sometimes a lesson to clarify some test questions. In my eyes, she is a very sassy girl. She will get what she wants. She will not stop until she gets the right answer or if she thinks the answer given to her makes sense.

She is the kind of girl who if you’re late, she will be annoyed a lot, but she does not want to pass her sickness so she canceled her lesson time to another day. One day, it was nearing her mid semester test, she texted me if I could give her another private tuition to clarify some of the materials. After the lesson she said she needed to rush to go to her work and I asked her what is she currently doing or where is she working at.

Surprisingly she said she is a nanny. She takes care of the children and pick them up after school and also in some other times, she will give assistance for disabled people too! I was so surprised and really did not expect that coming from her. She said she loves children and more than happy to help other people in need of her help.

That sassy girl turns out to have a very gentle heart. She was genuinely pissed off (because of the requirements) when I said I have problems with my visa extension and all, and asked me if I could go to find other ways to fight for my staying permit. Sometimes she does not agree with the regulations too.

If I’m reading a book about her, it really surprises me of how she can be very genuine and is doing good deeds even though she is super sassy.

Another story would be about my other friend. She used to study in Australia for one semester, just as an exchange student for one semester. She has a most loving smile, and always seems so happy in whatever situation. I used to see her as a small kid, and she went back. Time flies so fast and it’s now been 2 years since she left Australia and made a come back. She visited her friends and I can see how she is different now, to become an adult version.

She shared her part of the story. She studied biomed and after she graduated she was offered a lifetime position as a researcher. Just after a month working in the lab, she gave up the job. It was underpaid, but the most important thing is she did not even get the time to really have a proper break when she was a researcher. Thirty minutes were given to her for lunch break, and she could not even had a proper lunch. Life was so tiring, and she was not happy and satisfied at all.

Until one day she told her parents that she wanted to quit working in the lab. Her parents did ask why. She was not happy. So she decided to really quit. After quitting, she wanted to become a music teacher. I know she can play piano and she even took a masterclass before so I’m sure she is capable in being a music teacher.

She said the pay is not as great as becoming the researcher, but she actually enjoys it and really love her current job. Pay is not really something that she is focusing on but to help the kids and the students to really grow and play some beautiful music is what she is after.

In the end, she is happier this way. Maybe her biomed degree is not really contributing much now. Not really becoming the main focus of her life, but we’re still young anyways. I have my own anxiety. I don’t know what will happen to me once I’m back to my home country. What kind of role that I’m going to take, what kind of projects I would handle, what my schedule is going to be like.

Even with the uncertainties, when it’s the time for us to go through it,  we will pass different kind of situations. If there are opportunities and we dare to take the risk, we might stumble upon interesting experiences or roles that will be our main doing in upcoming years.

Everyone is operating in their own “time-zone”. Some people will be hired just after the graduation day,  but some will take a bit longer to get a job. Some others will become a CEO and managing a very successful business in a very young age and may not have time to try some silly stuffs in which some others might be rich of life experiences but become a CEO a little bit later in life. It is very unexpected but this is life. The purpose is just to have fun and to make yourself happy.

I found this comic and read it through after work. Truly the purpose of life is to have fun and to spend time with your loved ones – Point. So be happy today and enjoy your life!



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