Operation Christmas

Army live is not for everyone. We are living in the world of uncertainty and what ifs. Let God lead the way and HE will make you feel safe. As Christmas is the season of joy and peace, let us celebrate it with a joyful heart.

Kindness vs Liking?

Coming from an Asian family and living in an Asian country it is very common very to be polite and to be kind. It is our custom to respect our elders and as you know we have to address the superior and also the elders with a specific term, for example, an old lady will…

Moving On, Bon Voyage!

My time in Australia has come to an end. It’s pretty tough these days, especially the last couple of weeks. I knew for sure that I have to pack up my stuff, yet I still want to spend time with my friends and would still love to go on another adventure and also to visit…

Happiness In Unity

We came from different background, countries, environment but we are all willing to learn, willing to share, willing to understand each other.