Can I Join?

The Greatest Showman was just released in December and as a fan of musical shows, I really wanted to watch the film just as soon as they release it. Around late October, I saw the poster was being put up in the movie theatre and I was amazed at it!

Some part of the stories actually tweaked my heart. I personally encourage you to watch the movie if you love musical, if you want to learn about self-love, and to learn how the society works.

I’d like to talk a little bit about The Greatest Showman here so again like one of the posts before if you don’t like spoilers and feel free to skip to the paragraph after a big gap or else stay behind and grab your favourite a cup of drink and let’s begin.

So as it started with the small P. T. Barnum was following his dad who was a tailor to a shop where he imagined himself being the showman, standing under the spotlight and receiving the standing ovation from the crowd. He then came back to his feet only to see his situation at the time was far from his dream.

maxresdefault (1)

Barnum was the son of a poor tailor who served people who came from a high economic class, there she met Charity, the daughter of a nobleman. They became friends and eventually got married even though the nobleman was really against the relationship. As a matter of fact, it was the society that existed and still exists in some countries. I can see their gap at the time (the event occurred in the 1800s), and I also can see the existing gap in Asian countries.

To be very honest I personally think this is going to be a very sensitive issue or topic that I want to discuss but this thing cannot get out of my head.




If I am allowed,  I would say that I’m coming from the middle economy class and am very lucky to be where I am. Education takes a huge part in allocating people to different groups. Able to afford to get a high-quality level of education means you are prosperous. So education also affects how the society works.

If you’re living in a big city means better access to health service and education provider. We are all following the standard given by the government, however, that is not the case for people who are living in the same country but are living in villages.

Here’s the thing, the extreme case would be those who are living in remote areas still go to school using sandals, their houses are made of bamboo, or a thin layer of the wood board, some fortunate would have their house made of bricks.

This is what I know, when the government conduct the national exam every year, those who are coming from big cities will get the more difficult questions (which are actually the standard and basic question – ofc some of the questions were being tricked too); which those who are living in the remote area will still need to sit in the national exam but will get easier questions. This is the way that government takes to be fair.

It is fair in a way because the students are not receiving the same level of education level. On the other hand, if I am being critical, the government should also set the standard and so those who are living in the farthest area can also still get the same level of the education and thus must sit in the same national exam with the same questions provided by the government. If we’re undertaking the second alternative, the society could reduce the economic gap here. We then would be able to demand better governmental actions and policies, and so the country can be better and should be confident enough to compete with the giants like USA or UK.

The high economic society will surely seek for the international level of education, they would go to international school and will follow the western tradition and all and might still need to take the national exam. They are people with money so it definitely is easy for them to seek a better level of education even if they need to send their kids overseas.

I sometimes wish we don’t have a big gap where the society could blend in and enjoy what we have and so everyone could respect others and therefore could build a harmonious place to live in. That’s just a dream, I know. But heyyyy, Japanese people could treat one another with respect, they even bow to say hello and to say sorry.

(Pssstt I will post my amazement on Japanese culture a bit later in another post :))

Standing in the middle of the hierarchy means it is easy to be friends with those are from the same level, quite easy to interact with those who are coming from a lower level as we still can relate to them, and at least for me it is a bit hard to interact with those who are coming from the upper class – I guess it is my self-problem, I should be more confident.

I am not into fashion (at all) and I find it hard to have a conversation with those upper-class people. They love shopping. It is easy for them to buy new clothes or new designer bags, as easy as buying grocery I reckon. Well for me I am comfortable with my own shell, but will I get judge if I join this high-society? A definite answer to my question is: YES OF COURSE then my confidence level will sink to the bottom of the ocean lalalalala – insert Titanic song here.

I know where I am standing, I don’t know how to socialise with the higher level peeps. For me, I don’t mind interacting with those who are less fortunate than me. I have friends from different level but am I important enough to be remembered by those classy people?

Kate Middleton reaches out to people who are not only coming from the Royal Family. She was not a Royal herself (correct me if I’m wrong). The social work is part of the publicity and to maintain the images she or the Royals created but I could see she has a humble heart to still comfort those who will never get a chance to touch the ground of the palace. Those who are not as fortunate as Middleton. Seems like Meghan Markle is somewhat following Kate Middleton’s path too, yay.

That’s the role model I adore. I wish everyone could blend in. Of course, the hierarchy must have been made to build a system, and the system was made to create a better place to live in.

Only if we could reach out to the less fortunate people than us, the world will definitely be a lovely place to live in. That is my dream, the dream of many people, and someday it might be real. ❤



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