How Japanese Amazes Me

Never been to Japan before but I’m into Japanese culture these days.

Since a couple of months ago, I have been frequently tuning in a Japanese TV channel called Waku Waku Japan and they have a lot of TV shows reviewing about Japanese culture. It makes me want to go to Japan soooon, they have lots of pretty places to visit, yummy foods to eat (a big fan of Japanese food here).

My knowledge of Japan is very limited thus I am sorry if this post does not really reflect what is in there. Lately, it is a trend to go holiday to Japan, seeing the photos of my friends or people who visited Japan encourages me to go there. I really want to see their culture. Sure maybe not all are great, but my purpose is to pick up the good things and blend it to create the best mix.

Okay, let’s start with how it works in Japan.

There are some rules in Japan that you have to follow. For example, you have to stand on one side of the escalator only. Why is that? You are trying to make the life of others a lot easier. Those who need to rush can run or walk fast on the other side of the escalator to reach their destination faster without always trying to avoid the crowd or saying “excuse me” all the time. Actually, Australia is also doing the same thing.

The craziest thing is that you can leave your bike in front of your house without it being locked and it will stay there forever! I reckon no one will take it because they respect others’ belongings. I heard one case when a person took someone else’s bike which was parked in front of the house for a few days. Once it was returned inside the basket the person who “stole” the bike put a watermelon as a symbol of sorry and also put on a note saying that he/she was very sorry because the person was facing an emergency situation but he/she is very grateful and deeply sorry for borrowing the bike without asking for any permission at all.

Lots of Japanese are also taking public transport as their public transport is very reliable. The railway officers will bow deeply to say sorry if the train is late by only 1 minute, that’s how amazing they are! For most of the people, 1 minute is nothing. Japanese respect the time of others. They know that time is very valuable. If the employees are late because of the delay, they can show a letter issued by the officers (not really sure which officer) proving that they were really late because of the train got delayed, not their fault.

If Japanese people can do it, why we cannot? Just for an example (no hard feelings) why do Chinese people are known to cut the queue wherever they are? They are also known to order a lot in a restaurant and not finishing their meal as a symbol of wealth. For me, that’s a waste. Even educated people will still do the same. Unfortunately, that is part of their culture. Symbolisation. I wish they could see how those hungry people are living in Africa. How they are struggling just to get water to drink, how they got sick because of not having the resources to live properly.

Another thing that amazes me is about their food. Japan is also well-known for their vending machine. You can find an array of the vending machine on the street. Not only selling drinks, they also sell food, even some diapers or pads, underwear, etc. That’s just how amazing that is. Convenience stores are everywhere and all within walking distance, therefore, it is easy to grab things. They might seem to not really eat fast food, but their fast food can still be considered as something that is quite healthy (even though not so healthy) if we compare them to American fast food. Japanese walk a lot too so they stay thin and live longer.

When my cousins brought some gifts from Japan, the packagings are all very cute and pretty. The store packed the gifts in a very nice way, Japanese style – even if inside are only rice crackers. Their rice crackers are cute and yummy too! I love how they respect others and that is shown through a simple yet astonishing packaging.

One thing I don’t really like maybe about the seniority at work. The lower level of management would feel like the upper level is keeping an eye on their work all the time. It seems like their stress level is also high in relation to work.

Not everything would be great but those are things that amaze me the most. I might write another post if I discover other great things about Japan, see you in another post!


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