There are times when I wish the time would stop. I did not want to grow up. I wish I could just stay as a little kid, know nothing about the cruelty of the world, being a pure kid. As a kid, we were born in pretty much the same situation. I did not say our environment would be the same, but yeah babies are naive. It’s easy to pull a prank on them, they are fragile, they know nothing, and they are great followers. They will not swear at you though sometimes their action could hurt your feelings too.

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We did not know about our family’s financial situation, we did not know why we are different. People were the same.

Babies don’t know different types of races. Not being racist in this context, I used to play with all the people from different nationalities. I did not even know if he/she is black, or yellow, or white. We were kids and what care about was just to have friends to play with. As we grow older, we unconsciously will put these people based on their groups. I wish we all could treat everyone the same.

Growing up also means that we will gain more knowledge and will develop our interests on many things. Some become engineers, others become artists, and the other part of the world become teachers, etc etc.

As we grow older, that also means that we get the chance to take on more responsibilities. We are given the chance to see the world. To make an impact, to help others who are in need. We can start small by helping our family, make our own bed. Do the grocery shopping, cook for our beloved family and friends, to gather donations for the hunger, to support those who are in the depresion state of life.

As we grow older, we can create more good values. We can be the leader, we can improve and contribute to the society. Aging and growing up or growing old does not mean that we are getting older and so we will not live long. Wrong.

Some kids, they are not even given the chance to see the world because of their sickness (mostly cancer), but through their hopes and with the help of the adults, they were able to make some of their big dreams came true. Even after they died, they still could help other people. Take for an example a kid died of a serious illness, some organs would still be in a healthy condition and if donated these organs could save a couple of people’s live.

Don’t be afraid to flip your calendar. Be courageous to be given another year worth of valuable experiences. Too classic but really, age is just a number.

Do something. Make an impact while you can.

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