Social Media Diet

Recently there are times when I check my social media account and I feel like I should not open it at all. It made me feel worst. I could not enjoy it. My perception of social media is actually a platform where people could still interact with one another and also to update the crowd on what they are up to. About their experiences, about what they like, about what they encounter. To also share some good tips, to share beautiful places and beautiful scenery.

However these days, people are using social media to brag about their achievements. To tell the world they are having a wonderful job that everybody dreamed of, to brag about their beauty, to brag that they have traveled the world. Sound so cynical but that’s the impression I currently have at the moment.

“Why is she so pretty?

How come she gets skinnier?

How do they have time to travel and work at the same time?

What a nice pair of shoes they are using, when would I get the chance to wear them too?

He is working in one of the big 4! Damn! he must be very happy to get the chance to work there.”

There are times I wish those people could just keep it to themselves. In my humble opinion, it would be better if you keep your personal stuff to the ones you care the most – maybe not to the world. Some are influencers but still at the same time I feel so worthless after reading their captions, or seeing the places they went to.

Maybe those influencers could use their influence to spread the good news. To encourage people when people are feeling worthless. To cheer people who are in a deep depression state.

Coming from this perspective, I decided to go on a social media diet. I was away for about 10 days or so, and it felt so magical. I was truly living in the moment, not caring about what others will judge me for. I felt like I was being myself. Sometimes it is true that I need some entertainment, so I decided to surf the web and watch my favorite YouTube videos instead.

We, especially millennials are too busy checking our phone to be connected with the outside world, to be connected with people in the social media though we actually haven’t met them for years. I’m not saying that have a strong and wide connection is unimportant, but just remember to not neglect the person next to you. We all know how a strong networking skill can definitely help you in your career journey.

Just a self-reflection to close this chapter:

I gotta live in the moment, living the life to the fullest and try to avoid the worthless feeling as we are bringing great values to others. We might be able to do more and have more time to do what’s more important in our lives than spending hours and hours on social media with the shameful or worthless feeling as the after effect.


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