I Have To Land On My Dream Job!

This post is dedicated to all fresh grads or those who are getting discouraged as a result of getting a lot of rejection emails from potential employers.

Fresh graduates usually have a high ambition. The students were working hard to get their degree. Sometimes they are not getting the best mark or the highest GPA, but at least they tried. We don’t know what they have been through.

The reasons why they are getting a low mark and low GPA might be because of the language proficiency if they are studying overseas, or maybe because of the financial situation which pushes them to work part-time while also studying full time. It might also because of their illness (pretty rare though), or maybe because they actually don’t like what they are studying – some of my friends were forced to take Accounting major just because Accounting can be applied anywhere in the world.

After all the struggles here and there, these people then become free! Free in the sense that they don’t have to go to lectures again, not having the obligation to submit the group projects or the individual assignments to earn their degree anymore because they have it already.

So what’s next?

Ambitious fresh grads would try their best to land themselves at the job they have been dreaming for. Maybe to join the Big 4 if they are Accounting or Finance graduates, or joining one of the best media publishers if they are interested in Public Relations, or become the resident in the biggest and the best hospital in the country too.

But the next problem is………

Can we right after the graduation, land ourselves at the job we wanted? If you’re lucky, have a great network, or if you are actually outstanding then the answer would be: YES WHY NOT?

But for some people, it may not be as simple as what we have discussed. The latter case happened to me. Well, my main problem was language and confidence level. I could not even talk long using English but then over time I practice and become better. Also, I keep on translating the wordings from English to my mother tongue language and it was dang exhausting. Some English term was very hard to understand too.

Let’s not talk about that HAHAHA. Okay so basically after I graduated I tried so hard to practice my English by taking an IELTS course online and then I started small. I knew my chance of getting accepted in big companies was very low – also especially because I was an immigrant too. I tried to get a part-time work when I was still studying and rejection emails were my only food and entertainment at the time – sorry not sorry for being bitter.

Learning from past experiences, I decided to start from the very bottom. I walk from my house to the nearest shopping center which is about 2.5km from my house on a very hot day wearing a shirt and all. It was a very bad decision. First of all, it was a very hot day and I walk without any cap and did not bring any tissue to wipe off my sweat. Secondly, I was applying for a position that does not require me to dress up formally.

I started by bringing enough printed resume and walk along the way and then passing any businesses I could spot and giving them my resume while expressing my interest. That was my very first live effort apart from applying online. The next day I went to another suburb to drop my resume again in cafe etc, and then another suburb and so on.

Because I was freshly graduated, I still could use my brain to enter into a competition and that took me a while until we get the result. Right after that I then got my very first job in a local frozen yogurt bar. It was a tough job to start with, I came at 12PM to open the business and then I have to mop the floor, make yogurt, cut the toppings, wash the dishes, settle the machine, clean the display, restocking the toppings, etc while also serving the customers. One man show. The worst part was to stand up for 6 hours straight and no break in between too. It was very tough. The pay was not good either and it was really below the standard.

After my shift at the Froyo bar, I still went to the library to give a private tutorial for uni students. That’s where I improved my English a lot. I sent out more than 80 applications, and work here and there, most of the times having about 3 to 4 part-time jobs to cover my living cost while trying to save up a bit for emergency cost, just in case if I have to be hospitalised. It took me about 1 year until I land myself at the job I dreamed off. I took a lot of detours. I worked my ass off until I got that position. After my time has finished in Australia then I moved on to embark another exciting journey.

I now land myself at another job. The job I’ve always wanted too which is to be involved in the Corporate Finance and always wanted to be an analyst and I got both! I know for sure that this job is not going to be easy, and it requires a lot of effort. I got to catch up and so I can give my contribution ASAP. I am truly grateful that my hard work did not only bring me the job I’ve always wanted but also the experiences that I want to know too. Well, I am here not to talk about my current role – that’s another different story hahaha.

Through my sharing in this post, I hope those of you who are stepping into the discouraged mode could be motivated again. We all know that this path is not going to be as easy as wiping some dirt off our hands, but it could be fun depends on how you are looking at the situation. Every single step you take will teach you a lot of different stories. You then will move forward from one stage to another.

Remember that life is like a tire. It keeps on rolling and moving forward when you are keeping the engine on. Sometimes you may be in a very high position, but sometimes you may be in a very low position. As long as you are still driving the “car”, you have control to proceed to another place while moving your tire position or just stay stagnant at your current place. I personally think it would be so much fun if I can always explore another opportunity or to enjoy another trip!

Keep on trying! It may take a while but I am sure you may end up doing the job you’ve always wanted!! 😀



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