so who are you actually?

Just another ordinary person with a lot in mind. My principle is trying as much as possible to share my thoughts with everyone who cares to know and listen to my stories and opinions. All the things written here are just pure the concept I have, being written down in a way to make people see things from my perspective.

I am a HUGE fan of self-improvement. A full-time happiness and peace pursuer. As being hinted before, my goal is to keep on improving myself and keep on striving for what I really want. In my humble opinion, by being able to accept positive changes and not resistant to it, we are able to handle things better. Of course, only those positive ideas and changes will be accepted.

Currently, an Analyst in Corp Finance Division. Grew up in South East Asia and studied in Australia and worked in SE Asia as well as Australia.

While being an analyst is not an easy job I believe, the learning process does not stop when you are graduated, you will still learn a lot of new kinds of stuff from others through your daily life activities. Well for my case, I pick up new things every day from each unique projects I handle.

Keep on learning! Keep on striving!

Spark my interest and let’s talk about interesting ideas you have.