Music Is The Key

Recently I watched La La Land and it took my heart away with their music, romance, and comedy scenes in the film. It’s been quite a while since the last time I watched a musical movie in a theatre. To me La La Land brought a fresh concept, not many people love Jazz music yet the whole film is all Jazz related!


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Perform Better After Regular Workout

Young kids are encouraged to play and run and explore while they are young as part of the learning process. By doing, you will remember things better than just to read the theory. Experiments are always fun! Only after you make mistake, you will understand why it was wrong and when encounter the same problem or case you will definitely do better.

In most of the schools, sports is one of the keys and most of the schools will compete in the different sports category. When I was still in primary school, my physical education mark is one of the highest. That stayed until secondary school. I love sports even though I might not be the sportiest person in the school.

I used to spend at least 3.5 hours per week for sports and in 2010-2012 I cycled a lot during the weekends and each trip I usually go for 20km distance. I reduced my sports time when I was in year 12 for final exam preparation as well as uni entrance prep so it was limited to 90 minutes per week, maximum. Continue reading “Perform Better After Regular Workout”

In Need of Mentors

I am always looking for a mentor. As I studied business, people will tend to think that I am looking for a business mentor. That would be ideal, however, I would like to learn from others as much as I can, and it is not limited to the business studies.

One year ago, I was part of the committee where we were organising an international business forum and a number of professionals attended the forum to gave insights. From all those speakers, I met one of the speakers who is still quite young when I went out to help one of the participants at the front desk.

He was involved in a lot of projects, and I believe he still is. A very bright person and friendly one. He said, only a few people are able to talk to him and he loves the idea of mentorship because it means he can give impact to others too. We had another meeting after the first day we talked and he tried to follow-up even after I graduated. I wish he could mentor me for not that short period but see me growing as a successful person later on. After he earned his second master degree from Melbourne University, he went back to Singapore and is working there.

Later in 2015, the end of my degree was approaching and like others too, I was scared of what will happen to me after I graduate. It seems like there is no certain path that I can take, there are too many dreams and goals that I would like to achieve and I don’t know where to start. In the community that I am heavily involved in, I met some seniors who are a few years older than me. Continue reading “In Need of Mentors”

Hair Dyeing For Professionals?

When I was at university, I attended quite a few seminars on how to dress up professionally, to do interviews and how to make your cover letter. One of the popular topics they presented is about how you have to do your hair. For women usually, they don’t really talk much. Most women know what to do with their hair, make a bun, ponytail, and the most important thing is to make yourself look presentable and really reflect who you are as a professional.

Not only women that have various hairstyles, guys do too. Some of them asked if they need to shave their beard or not, it is up to you. If your beard makes you look like you’re not taking a good care of yourself then sure maybe you need to trim it.

Another question: does it affect the decision you are hired or not, if you dye your hair? Continue reading “Hair Dyeing For Professionals?”

Keep Exploring Till You Find It!

Exploring is one key to be successful in life, well that’s my opinion. When you explore, you will discover a lot of new things that happen in life. I am trying my best not to limit myself in learning and exploring new stuff. Usually, when I discover a new restaurant, I prefer to pick the menu that I have not tried, unless if that day I miss eating specific food!

Another example can also be an unplanned adventure. Sometimes I am planning to go somewhere yet got lost but still follow the road and just enjoying my surroundings. Observing is also another form. When taking some time off just to see what others are doing or how it works, you will find yourself wandering in your thoughts thinking how that can happen, or what kind of person is he/she.

Sometimes people ask me, what do I want to do in my life? What’s my career goal? What are the things that I am good at?

Up till now, I know the thing that I very good is those related to Accounting and Finance like bookkeeping, evaluating a project, consolidation of the group transaction, managing the inventory, how raw material should be used in a production, etc. Whilst also being good at business management, I am challenged to do some strategic thinking, for example, to see how the business can spread their wings, maybe to penetrate the market, or even to make strategic movements to keep their sustainability in the industry. Continue reading “Keep Exploring Till You Find It!”


Lately, I have some more time to catch up with close friends and by spending some time with them really helps me to get to see things from others’ perspective. I learned new things. Gratitude is one of it.

I am amazed at how people can be so positive in seeing things, in assessing their life. Even from a very bad event, still, a positive point appeared.


Early each year, usually Melbourne has a festival called White Night. In this year is my first time going to the White Night in the City, people gathered and enjoy the performances in every single point in CBD. One of them is a free concert by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO), and it was massive! Thousands of people were there to watch the concert. I went there with some friends and one of them is a Singaporean girl whom I’ve known since last year. Continue reading “Gratitude”

Goodbye is …

People are supposed to meet. Some of the people we have met are still here with us and fill our lives with laughter and sometimes sadness. The rest are nowhere to be found. They are “missing people”. We’re all still friends even though we don’t meet or talk for years.

The status then downgraded from close friends to just friends to just acquaintances.

These missing people usually were closed to us in the past, but now as we parted our ways due to different reasons and circumstances, we are not able to meet them as frequently as before. Continue reading “Goodbye is …”

part 3: Love Languages

A few years back, a friend of mine introduced me to love languages. She could not really explain what Love Languages are, yet over time, I think I understand it better.

If you would like to know more and in detail about what Love Languages are, go to this website: 5 Love Languages

This is my understanding of love languages and this might be very brief. I shall start.

So there are 5 love languages:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch

On the website that I linked above, there is a quiz to find out what is your dominant love language. It is very common to have more than one dominant language. Love language can be used to know the person better, to learn how to treat them better and know how to interact with them. This post is still related to the previous two posts. The links to the previous parts are below!

part 1: friendship guidelines                          part 2: what do you expect?

If you’re taking the quiz, they will ask you whether you’re single or not. If you’re single then it’ll be more self-oriented questions as you don’t have a partner (just yet!) and if you’re not then it will be reflecting of how you treat your partner.

There will be 30 questions, those are the same questions but you will have to choose your preference over the other answer. The highest number of the categories will be your dominant love language.

Love language itself can be used towards others, not only towards girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse, but also can be used towards your parents, siblings, or even to close friends that you hold dear.

So what are they?

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part 2: what do you expect?

An expectation is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case or someone will or could achieve something.

Everyone will have their own expectation towards most of the things in life. We expect our parents to always defend us, even though we’re wrong. We expect our friends to always be there for us in whatever situation. We expect ourselves not being able to do something.

Some of these expectations might hurt you and some others might surprise you.


Too high expectation will disappoint you. For example, you expect yourself to do well in the exam while you never attend lectures and tutorial classes, also never do your revision. That will ruin your confidence in a way once you see the practice exam paper, and definitely disappoint you too.

At some point, that might be good for you to learn that you have got to stay humble. You have to know your capabilities, what you can achieve. Consider it as a warning. Continue reading “part 2: what do you expect?”

part 1: friendship guidelines

Meeting new friends is something that I really like. I would love to be friends with as many people as I can. My preference is to know them personally and make this friendship really special for each and every person. However, that cannot always be the case. There are some people whom you know you are friends with, but may not be able to approach them personally. You’d say he/she is your friend but don’t talk a lot. You met a few times, yet still don’t know what they’re up to.

Some people prefer to have lots of friends (quantity) over having a close relationship with their friends (quality). I fall on the quality side. Knowing each one of them personally, makes me able to cherish the friendship even more.

Even though I am a girl, I don’t mind having guy and girl friends! Having a mix of both will create a good combination. Hey, why do we have to limit our friendship to only a certain gender, again?

Telling other friends that he/she is nice and you are expressing your thoughts mostly is considered dangerous and ambiguous. I learnt that expressing yourself is a good way so the other party will have a good understanding of what you’re thinking of them also how you truly value the friendship. However, the idea of expressing it to the opposite gender seems wrong in the society. Some of them think of it as a confession, whereas others – like me – only take it as a compliment.


To me, a compliment is something that will make me keep on striving for the best.

To keep the best version of myself.

To keep on improving,

and to show others how I actually value the relationship.

Expressing and showing that you like being friends with them is not wrong. Telling them how nice they are as a person is not hurtful or dangerous. It’s like telling your family or loved ones that you really love them and cherish them in your life. Sounds so cheesy but that’s the truth, man. If you never show them your feelings and thoughts, then how are they going to understand you? No one can read your mind!!

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