Morning Encounter

In one Sunday morning, I promised my friend to catch up with her in her house and she will cook me lunch and just hang out together talking about life, our current job, and career.

I woke up with all of my might, it was hard to be freshly awaken as I just had a long unique week. Things from work were bothering me, but In The END, It’s All Fine. I had a fantastic weekend to celebrate me getting off the work, went to an incredible seminar where young people were gathered and watched a Broadway show (yes! I love musicals!), and got home safely.

Okay so like per usual I was rushing to catch the public transport cos I don’t want to miss it, not on the weekends especially. Got to the station and it started to drizzle a little bit and the train was on-time. Tried to follow the map to go to my friend’s house, but unfortunately, the government is upgrading the public transport system. I could not find my way to get out of the station to take the tram. When I was wondering in between the platforms, a Taiwanese girl approached me. She asked for some direction for 2 grandpas and a grandma. Initially, her reason of asking was because she was lost and also the old peeps could not speak English.

I told her I am not familiar with the station where I got off the train but I need to find a way to my friend’s place. We ended up taking the same train going all the way to the CBD area just to find our way to catch the correct tram. We talked a little bit about life, she mentioned her working in a chocolate factory. She wanted to go to a secondhand marketplace. She also said it is hard to work in a factory to pack the chocolate as she was working in the operation in the office back when she was in Taiwan.

However, the pay is quite good. Well, the standard of living in Australia is well-known to be a good one. Earning a proper amount, and if you can then you could also have some leftover earnings for emergency purposes.

I asked her why she was not scared to talk to strangers, what if I took her somewhere or gave her a wrong direction? She then shared her story when she was an exchange student in China she got to survive too. It’s always hard to go overseas where they don’t speak your mother tongue language.

She was brave!

And she also mentioned how she always pity older people who cannot communicate and ask for help. What if her parents are lost and could not find their way back? What if no one can understand her parents.

I am reminded of my family too and our similarity is English is not our first language. I just don’t want anything to happen to them, especially when I am not around. Through this, I know people are still kind.


It’s Not You! But …

We heard this a lot in a drama. Usually, it’s in a break-up stage. Actually, this can be applied everywhere don’t you think?

A month ago I attended an alumni event in my alma mater in which they offered several sessions there. I came in and was the only one who is not doing my honors, masters, or PhD there. They were talking about entrepreneurship, about how to take chances and develop something different, to be brave and offer your ideas to the market and to be a good consultant. Experiences are important for someone to work in a good company as it will be your asset. I have met some people who are super smart but they don’t have the required soft skills or they have great soft skills but they are not really experienced and not working in the related industry.

When you are assessing these, at times we hope everyone is balanced. The ideal situation would be those who are super smart should be experienced and are outstanding in using their skills. As for those who are not as bright, they should be able to work harder. I think it’s fair to have one aspect is stronger than the other and so you will be able to survive. If one has all the perfection then it’s not fair for those who are not doing so well.

Also on top of that, I realised how unique every individual is. Each person will have different knowledge, was exposed to different culture and even environment and norm as well as having different interest and also has different expertise. Everyone certainly has their own key skill. What I am interested in might be different from yours. You might think I am weird because our focus and interests are not aligned, and what I’m doing is different from yours. As for me, I might also think you are also different from me. That’s why I said every individual is unique. We are not supposed to label them and should embrace the differences.

Especially being at a quite young age and not fully developed, I think it is normal for us to not able to fully decide what do we want in our life. Do you still want to pursue the career you’ve always wanted or you came to realisation that it’s actually not the right path for you to take? It might not be something that you find your interest in. Even lots of people changed their major half way through. Some of them even are not doing in the industry. They prefer to do something else. Continue reading “It’s Not You! But …”